Sailor Water Element

Sailor Water element

Name : Elsa anglez

'*All Aliases: 'Princess Elsa

Nickname: smart Girl

*Gender: Female

*Marital Status: Single

*Children: neno

*Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

*Birthday:sep 13

*Age: 15

*Age Appearance:1500

Eyes: dark Brown

Hair: Black

Skin: White

*Ethnicity/Heritage: latine

Blood Type:O

*Fears: Not going to school

*Favorite Color:Blue ,Red

*Favorite Activities: cooking and Clening

*Least Favorite Activities: TV

Favorite Food: Food she Cookes

Least Favorite Food: sfood she don t crook

'*Strong'est School Subject: all

'*We'akest School Subject: none

*Typical Expressions: i don't know

*Dream: to be a lower

*Other Ability: no

*Dorm: neno

'*Personality: she is like a smart girl

About the Senshi

*Sailor Name: Sailor Water element

'''*Sailor Title: scout of the 7 seas and everthing Water

*'The Sailor Senshi Catchphrase:' In the name Of water and sea i will pachen you


Water element Sign

'''*Realm of Influence: '''

'''*Powe'r Color:

'''*Transformation: '''

'''*Physical Changes: neno

'''*Colors: '''

'''*Fighting Style: i not know'''

'''*Strengths/Weaknesses: I don't know'''

'''*Weapons: neno'''

'''*Attack 1: '''

'''*Attack 2: '''

'''*Attack 3:'''

'''Sailor History: neno '''

<u>*Mission: </u>