Sailor SoulHeaven

Sailor Heaven Soul

About the Girl

*Name: Annamarie tury

'*All Aliases: 'Princess Anna

Nickname: Annie,ana,Crybaby

*Gender: Female

*Marital Status: Single

*Children: 1 a futuer daghter named Alyssa

*Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

*Birthday: Apirl 29

*Age: 15

*Age Appearance:1500

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Skin: White

*Ethnicity/Heritage: Amercan

Blood Type: O

*Fears: Dark

*Favorite Color:pink, red

*Favorite Activities: Drawing

*Least Favorite Activities: clening

Favorite Food: pizza

Least Favorite Food: neno

*Strongest School Subject: art

*Weakest School Subject: math

*Typical Expressions: i don't know

*Dream: to be merry

*Other Ability: no

*Dorm: neno

'*Personality: she is like a flack'

About the Senshi

*Sailor Name: Sailor SoulHeaven

'*Sailor Title': scout of the Heaven gate

*'The Sailor Senshi Catchphrase:' In the name Of heave and soul i will pachen you

Sign of SoulHaeven

the sign of haevensoul

*Realm of Influence: Heave

*Power Color:Yellow and Light yellow

*Transformation: Soul Heaven gold power

*Physical Changes: neno

'*Colors: 'Yellow and Light Yellow

*Fighting Style: i not know

*Strengths/Weaknesses: I don't know

*Weapons: The siverl moon

*Attack 1: Heaven cast

*Attack 2: Soul blast

*Attack 3: Heaven soul healing powers

*Sailor History: neno

*Mission: To faind the Heaven crystal